sansa media converter won't convert pictures or videos

I am having more problems with this player lately.   For some reason my converter won’t convert and I have the upgraded sansa media converter installed (the black page).  Can anyone help?  I have spent way too much time on phone with tech support for this same problem 

:neutral_face:make sure you use the right format as it WILL NOT use mpeg4-video file format.:neutral_face:

[note, the Fuze board has an excellen FAQ with an idea to have some questions for the poster to answer so the problem can be fixed easer… these are it…

these can help us answer it better}

  1. What operating system (OS) are you using? (Windows, Mac, Linux, ???)
  2. What version of OS are you using? (Vista, XP, Ubuntu, Redhat, OSX 10.4, ???)
  3. What service pack do you have installed? Right click “My Computer” -> Properties -> General (Tab) -> System (Section)
  4. What Sandisk item are you using and version of firmware does it  have? [on Fuze: Settings -> System Settings -> Info]
  5. What version of Windows Media Player do you have? Help -> About Windows Media Player
  6. What are the steps you are doing?
  7. What do you expect to happen?
  8. What is actually happening?
  9. Any error messages.