Sansa Media Converter sees no files

I open the Media Converter and click the “Add Media” button.

The Add Media Files dialog box appears and I navigate to the folder that has some new MP4 files I just bought from iTunes.

I select “Files of type” - Media Files[all types] and get the displayed message “No items match your search”.

So I tried naviagting to a file where I know I have MP3 files stored. Nothing

The program cannot see a file of any type MP3 or MP4.

So the I select “Files of type” *.mp4. Nothing, the program cannot see music files that are obviously in the folder.

Thank you for your help with this.

Jim Whipkey

Ok First off. SMC is not for audio files. Its only for Videos and Pictures. So if you are trying to run audio thru it then that solves your problem. How ever if your MP4 files are Videos, then you should uninstall SMC and try to reinstall it

Or switch the USB mode on your player to MSC, if in fact they are video files and not audio. As CB has already pointed out, SMC is not for audio files.