Sansa Media Converter problems.

This is one strange piece of software. I am pretty computer literate but Jeesh.

Have Windows XP SP2, Windows Media Player 11, perfectly working system, and a Sansa E270.

I do not have Rhapsody downloaded or anything else.

The problem is with transferring photos from PC to the Sandisk MP3 player.

It works 25 of the time at best. I have about 20 photos and am trying to add 4 more…

I have spent way too much tome on this and am about to give up…

Sansa Media Converter is so very finicky.

The Media Converter has been installed, uninstalled, system rebooted, re-installed (from website again). And note there is no more current version  of this software publicly available.

The Media Converter sometimes will write the files to the Sansa MP3 Photos subdirectory, OR sometimes will fail writing the files with no specific error message OR sometimes will write them as .jpg instead of as .bmp’s but with what seems the proper dimensions. Renaming them to BMP will not work. Nor will taking the files and bringing into Photoshop Elements and saving as BMP and putting them back in the Sansa directory.

So very strange. I see absolutely no pattern. Tonight I spent about 2 hours in an attempt to load to load 4 small photo files.  No success.

I know enough to  delete the DATA folder on the Sansa under SYSTEM and let the Sansa rebuild the database, But still the new photos are not viewable on the Sansa OR at times they are not transferred OR they are transferred (as said above) as .jpg.

My filenames are lowercase  and short with no special characters.

I also have plenty of space…2gb left.

SO all in all, perhaps I should try the ArcSoft version of this software which I understand is the full version of the Sansa.

I tried to call Sandisk tech support 2x (to get different people on Bangalore) but they were not very helpful on this issue (am being polite).

Any ideas appreciated…

May try ArcSoft–thoughts??

Frustrated Peter (well it happens to all of us at one time or another)

The answer to all my problems was to use ArcSoft. Tried it on a friends computer who bought it and it worked first time. Fantastic.

I will now download and purchase a copy for my own use.


Which version of Arcsoft?

Does it transfer video too??


Latest version of Arcsoft. Does video too. Well worth the price


That’s good to know-

I guess I just need to get internet to download/register it…   :slight_smile:

(Using a work computer now…)

What ArcSoft product are you referring to, please? It seems they have dozens…

I’m thinking if you look at this page:

it’s going to be the mediaconvter one, not sure, will try it out myself. Thanks!

hello! im having a problem too. i used to put videos in my sansa player and they work perfectly. some weeks ago i tried to upload another one and it suddenly didn’t work. the problem is that when i open the Sansa Media Converter, add the video and click on CONVERT the window that is supposed to appear with the percentage of upload done appears for less than a second than disappears!! dunno why… somebody help me… thanks!