sansa media converter isn't detecting my rhapsody sansa e250? help?

maybe i’m doing something wrong.
but i clearly plugged in my sansa and im able to upload songs onto it.
but when i open the sansa media converter, it says that no player is detected.
any answers to this problem?
PLEASE help me:)

Try putting the player into MTP mode (Plays for sure for rhapsody players), see if it detects it then. If not, uninstall and reinstall (the newest SMC is on the sandisk website under downloads)

i might sound stupid asking this…
but how do i put it into MTP mode. i looked in the manual but dont really understand it… :cry:

no worries, that’s why we’re here :slight_smile:
MTP mode can be found by going onto your player, selecting the Settings menu and scrolling to USB or Mode (I can’t remember how it shows up on the player) and highlighting MTP and then clicking the center button so it bumps you out to the previous menu

thank you soo much:)
but now i have another problem…
ok so here’s the thing. i was reading the other messages people put up and they suggested downloading the intervideo smc so taht’s what i did. and now it works.
but now i cant figure out how to upload vidoes.
cause i wanna upload this one video i saw on youtube.
so i converted it with this one program called easy download something.
and then i clicked this file to upload it on smc but it says i need some codec thing.

actually i downloaded the codec thing right now… still doesnt work :cry:
is there like more then one type of codec thing?

if it’s from Youtube, i believe it comes in a .FLV format which if i’m not mistaken, the SMC can’t handel. If this is the case (file being .flv that is) go to and download the free version. It has the ability to change the .flv to something the SMC can recognize (i.e mpg, mp4, avi etc)
If you need help with the AVC and the converting process, let me know and i’ll be more than happy to walk you through it :slight_smile:

sorry. but could you help me with the avc too?
and i was wondering if you could tell me how to delete photos. cause i have 2 of the same albums listed and its just taking up space. but i dont know how to delete it.

i figured out how to delete the phots. still need help with the videos…

Do you need help with tranferring to, or deleting them?

i need help transferring videos onto my sansa.
like i downloaded AVC like you told me to.
and then i imported my video from youtube.
and it was in FL1 format. i dont know what to do next.
how do i put this into SMC?

K, what we can do is, there’s an output Profile at the bottom, you can change it to different formats. Select avi or mp4 or something other than .flv and then click the Add Video Files towards the top of the window. Select the file you want to convert and then click Start Encoding. Once it’s done, it will show up in My Documents/AnyVideoConverter  and it’ll be in one of those folders inside the AVC folder (that’s by default). Then drag your converted file to the desktop and then open the SMC and convert the file. You should be good to go after that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile: