Sansa media converter has dissapeared from your web site

I went to download the media converter from both teh scandisk downloads site and the sansa site and its not there any more - it was last week.

How can I get a copy of this software ?



I found it for download at:

But I had to get that through support (MP3 Players: Shop Our Clip Jam to Bring Your Songs with You | Western Digital).  I haven’t installed it yet though (its still downloading).  I’ll try to come back and let you know if it works.


The program seems to be working fine for me.  It converted a couple videos (WMV’s) with no issues.  I’m going to try some MP4’s and AVI’s next, but this seems to be working.


I converted an MP4 and an MOV without issue.  It complained that it didn’t have the codec to convert my AVI, but that was probably saved as a Divx AVI.  So that might be an isolated issue.  I’m sure there are AVIs that will convert.

The point is, the program’s been running well for me.  I’m on a Windows Vista Home Premium machine.

Good luck!


Thanks Joe  I’ll try downloading from there

Edit - yes that worked just fine - sorted



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I’ve been using it fine also-

I just hate having to use DVD decrypter to get movies off MY DVDs then use Any Video Converter THEN use Sansa Media converter…

takes forever…