Sansa Media Converter handle AC-3 audio encoded AVI?

I have an AVI file I can convert successfully with Video4Fuze, but not with SMC.  SMC does fine with the video portion, but the converted AVI has no audio.  I have been “chatting” with tech support and they had me upgrade my comptuer’s Quick time from 7.7.2 to 7.7.3 but that didn’t change anything.  I’m curious if anyone else has run into this?  To move forward I’ll use Video4Fuze, I guess, but I have the impression form the SanDisk/Sansa website (and the “tech” support person agrees) that SMC shoudl work with AC-3.  

If Video4fuze is working for you, why would you _ want _ to use the woefully inadequate and pathetically inept Sansa Media Converter? :confounded:

You, my friend, have a very good point!