Sansa Media Converter doesn't work

I have a Sansa E270.

The Sansa Media Converter software (of ArcSoft), included on the CD, doesn’t detect the player: It shows the message “Any player detected” with a yellow exclamatory point.
So I can’t convert any video and photo for may player.

But strangely the player is normally detected by Windows XP (in MSC mode) and by Windows Media Player 10 (in MTP mode), but not by the Sansa Media Converter software (in the both mode).

Help me.
Thanks, bye.


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Message Edited by EricTom on 04-27-2010 02:41 AM

Try downloading the larest version of the media converter, the 4.256 version.  If the Sansa is being recognized in both MSC and MTP mode, this is a good sign.

Follow the directions in this thread.  Download and install the Sansa Updater.  With the Updater running, and the Sansa plugged in, allow the application to check for updates.  The Sansa Media Converter will show up in the list of choices.

You can then check the box next to the Media Converter, and select Update.

Let us know if the new InterVideo version works for you!