Sansa Media Converter Build 4.256 & 4.263: Download Details and Release Notes

If you have a Sansa Fuze or e2x0 v2 player, try FuzeVidz, a SMC replacement for video conversion for Windows:

If you use Mac or Linux, try video4fuze. It can also do Windows:

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It’s easy to get Photos onto the Fuse. Make SURE that the photo is (1) a .JPG file and (2) the file size is UNDER 770 Kb. That is the largest file I have successfully transferred. Then simply copy and past the file. I opened windows explorer and did it that way. BMP files do not work.

This is just an answer for PHOTOS ONLY. I’m not talking video.

I have the same problem as everyone else. Can’t get the updater software to install. Keeps giving me a message to wait until Windows recognizes the player, then click “Finish” to complete the installation. Needless to say, that never happens. Thanks, Graverobber for the workaround on the pictures. I’m going to give it a try, as that is the primary reason I bought a second Fuze. Thank heavens I’m not working with videos as so many of you are. Sure hope someone, somewhere comes up with a

solution to this problem.



Slotmonsta, the download link,,  you provided does not exist, changed, or no longer exist. You should update your post or removed it entirely as it is misleading.

Forget the SMC… I found something that actually works:

This program is called video4fuze and it converts videos and images to work with your Sansa Fuze. It’s legit.

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the link above is good!!!..even for my 64 bit OS…the program is what we all need!!!..thanks man ur awsome!


I’m having a problem with downloading the Sansa Media Converter itself. I have downloaded the Sansa Updater 1.211 and I have plugged in the c240. On the “updates” page I select the “Sansa Media Converter” and click “Download” in the bottom right corner. Although a bar of percentage appears under the name of the file it stays at 1% and a few seconds later displays an error message. Please advise.  

Check your firewall; it might be blocking access to the server.

Tried that… :cry:

Any other suggestions??

So how should I use Video4Fuse? (Sorry, posting my question twice, also in teh “Help” topic, but just want to finish this struggle with video conversion…)

I gave up with SMC.

Installed Video4Fuse.

Restarted computer.

Opened the program.

Chose the Input File and Output Folder (*everything the program suggested, but I think I might mistaken here…)

Pressed Convert button.

The funny black scremm appeared (funny for such anti-technical persons like me).

There were lots of strange data, but in the end of the list there were %%, and looked working.

But it stopped on 40%.

I tried severla times with severla files.

What could go wrong? Those lucky ones who liked Video4Fuse - please share your success step by step. Thanks in advance!

I just bought Media Converter , I’m unable to convert video files as the covert button is greyed out.What should I do?

@bobbydee wrote:

I just bought Media Converter , I’m unable to convert video files as the covert button is greyed out.What should I do?

What Media Converter? The Sansa Media Converter is free.

And worth every penny.

I purchased Sansa e270, downloaded sansa media converter, But was unable to convert video files. :( 

I’m really glad I’ve read this thread. It very interesting and useful for a newbie like me.Thanks.

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This is absurd.  I am trying to get this device to work.  It does not play dragged and dropped files.  It requires pian in the sas software to run.  Note the disclaimer with “videos may not run” and the workaround to do one file at a time.  Sandisk…  last time I buy.  Give me a product that works.

Are you talking about video files or photos?  Drag and drop assumes you have media that is properly formatted for display on the device.

The most important question is which model Sansa do you have?  The Sansa Media Converter is ONLY for video and photos.  If you have a Fuze+ , the SMC isn’t even necessary.

Give us a little more information on what you’re trying to do, and we can get you running.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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The firmware updater will not install on my Windows 8 system.  Is there any other way for me to get SMC?

Use an older Windows version, XP if available.

But I can’t help wondering why you would want to download the Sansa Media Converter; it’s terrible! :confounded: