Sansa media converter and windows 7

Just installed windows 7 on both my computers and now wish I had kept xp on 1 as I have found out that sansa media converter appears to not work with windows 7. The program installs, but conversion stays at 0%. I have the fuze. I hope that there is a new release for this soon as I’m anxious to get some videos on my player. If anyone has gotten it to work on windows 7 or know of some other walk around that would be easier then re-installing windows xp, please let me know, thanks.

Hmm, it appears it does work with windows 7, my bad. I’m having some issue with avi for some reason. I have the avi codecs installed. I converted tons of avi on xp. But, I converted the avi to wmv and tried it again, and it works. Don’t know why it doesn’t like the avi anymore. I even went back and tried to convert some avi’s I had converted before and it wouldn’t work. Oh well, I will just convert all avi’s to wmv’s for now.