Sansa M250 - Transferring music from (1) MP3 Player to PC - (2) from PC back to MP3 Player

I have purchased a new Sansa M250 and have had fun transferring alot of music to it (in MTP mode). Unfortunately, my computer is short of disc space, so I found it necessary to delete the music I had loaded to the player from my PC.

I would like to know if it is possible to transfer my songs back to my new PC - and then be able to download the music back to the M250. It took many hours to select & transfer my music to the M250, and I’m a little uncomfortable that I don’t have the music ‘backed-up’ on my PC, just in case of a problem.  Any step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You can put songs on the Sansa m200 two ways, Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player. Moving songs back to the PC, you can only use Windows Explorer. WMP does not allow songs to be copied to the PC.

You can have the m200 in either of two modes (MTP or MSC) to load music. To copy the music back to the PC, you must have the m200 in the mode used to put the music there originally. This could be MTP, MSC or some of both.

Steps to Copy Music to PC

  1. With the m200 not connected to the PC, power it on, press the menu key. Select " Settings", then USB , then MSC or Auto Detect depending on the mode you used to place the songs on the device.
  2. Connect the m200 to the PC via the USB cable.
  3. Right click on the " Start" button.
  4. Left click on " Explore"
  5. Find the m200. If in MSC mode it will show as a hard drive, for example: “SANSA M250(E:)”, if in MTP mode, it will show as “SanDisk Sansa m250”.
  6. Click on the m200 device and then on the folder containing the songs. In MTP mode the songs would be in the " Music" folder within the " Media" folder. Also, if you didn’t uncheck " Create folder hierarchy on device" before you put the music on the device, the songs are in " Album"and " Artists" sub-folders. Another reason for not creating folders on the m200.
  7. Highlight the songs you want to copy to the PC.
  8. Drag the songs to the folder on your PC you want to copy them to. Alternately, you can copy and paste them to the PC.
  9. If you stored songs on the m200 in both MSC and MTP modes, you must repeat the step for the other mode.
  10. Don’t forget to Stop the device using the ICON in the System Tray before disconnecting if using MSC mode.

For more hints and info, click on the link below:

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Thanks very much for the prompt and concise reply. Very much appreciated.

How do I transfer music from my mp3 player to my computer?

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How do I transfer music from my mp3 player to my computer?

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