Sansa m200 series m230 sound quality while hold is turned on - question

Hi: I am new to this board and appreciate the company running a help board for the devices and all you who contribute.  I quickly checked to see if someone had asked this and didn’t see anything so here goes…

I have an m230 (refurbished from; just received).  It came with just the bare minimum hardware and I’ve got it up and running.  However, if I switch ‘hold’ on during song playback, the audio in both ears starts having ‘dropouts’ or ‘clipping’ or sounding as though there are little light clicks.  Happily this only is when hold is on, but it is very irritating.  Does anyone else have this issue and is there a fix?  It doesn’t seem to happen when listening to FM and hold is on, oddly.

I have firmware 2.2.5 I think.

Also, is there a super cheap source for a good case/halyard, since we refurbies didn’t usually get one?




Not sure. Maybe someone knows?

I would make sure your firmware is up to date
and do a reformat. This is the basic stuff to
do before most troubleshooting.

Ckeck back with your results.

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