Sansa - Launchcast Issue

Last night I was listening to LauchCast on my Connect. The device froze when I tried to shut it off. Eventually it powered down, but ever since then I can’t connect to any LauchCast stations. I get a message that says X - Can’t play station - try again later. LaunchCast is working fine on my PC and the Connect is downloading music just fine from Y! Music Unlimited To Go over it’s wireless connection. LaunchCast on the Connect is a consistent no-go however. What do I need to do here, Erase and Reset from the Settings menu? Any ideas?

My wife has a sansa connect, and the exact same thing happened to her this morning. I just got her the connect for Christmas. I hope this is just a temporary technical glitch and that we haven’t had the plug pulled on us!

I’m having the same problem.  Oh oh.

This behavior changed a little bit this afternoon. Now the when I try to connect I get the buffering screen which stays at 0%. This goes on for several minutes, maybe 5 minutes until the connection eventually times out. I’m using 2 different networks and it is the same on both. I guess if this is still happening tonight I’ll try writing to Yahoo support about it. Is this happening to anyone else?

I see the same, but all the other streaming functions under the “Get More Music” menu are working fine.  It successfully retrieved and played my playlists and streamed the tracks it pulled up under “Recommendations”.  I sent a message to Y! customer care (taking odds on if they respond, and if so, if they fess up and offer a time to restore - 1:100, 1:1,000,000???):smileyvery-happy:

Same here, other wireless functions are working fine and Launchcast on my PC is working fine. I’m off to work but I’ll check in later. If Yahoo resonds, let us know what they say.

Launchcast is working OK on my Connect, now.

Yay! Launchcast is back for us too. Whew.

It was working for me for a time last night, but just now when I checked it was not working again, doing the same thing stuck at buffering 0% and eventually timing out. I wonder if LaunchCast radio is just maxed out now at certain times of the day. I should add that I have been listening to Y! Music’s recommendations all morning wirelessly on the Connect.

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