Sansa is out of Control

To One and All,

I’ve read the messages in this forum, and
I’ve had my own experiences with the C250.

It’s clear that everyone is having trouble.
Sansa has had to revert to an earlier version of firmware. The notice that Sansa provides us in the ‘sticky’
portion of the forum gives no information about getting or installing the firmware despite requests from

*The User’s Guide that shipped with the device is inadequate.
*The downloadable User’s Guide is at odds with the device itself.
*User’s Guide provides no adequate description of the MTP & MSC modes.
**My research has convinced me that it’s MSC I need.
**User’s Guide tells us we can choose MTP or MSC. My C250 does not provide that option. It forces MTP.

I’ve spent too much time attempting to make sense of this mess. Sansa seems to have done no testing
before putting the C250 on the market. Let the customer do the debugging. I’m returning mine.