sansa fuze

Hello we have owned three sansa fuze Mp3 playersand we still have and use all 3 we have 2 gb , 4gb, 8gb. My wife has washed all three in the washing machine atleast 3 times and they still work same way they did the day they were purchased. I tell you honestly if there was ever a product we would recommend and feel good about it would be these sansa fuze.We had thought about buying one of those new zunes but we figured if these little guys could handle getting dropped countless times and then getting washed repeatedly and keep going !!! We would stick with a product that we have personally tested to the limit. We will never buy any other brand of MP3 player. We would suggest that if you are in the market for a  MP3 player  thats got a good price and is kid tough to then this is the brand for you. Believe me we have done everything but take a hammer to ours and they keep going.

                                                            thank you

                                                          David & Jess 


I totally agree. I have owned my Fuze for about 2 years now and have been impressed with not only the quality but how durable it is. Usually I will own a product for a year and than it dies. It’s like that with most gadgets these days…Crappy quality. I would highly recommend this product. Didn’t know it would stand up to the washer. Not like I’ll be intentionally testing that out but…Good to know.:smiley:

Fully agree as well, I have a C200 since the last 3 years, rockboxed and really please with it. It went throught many adventures ;O)

Decided to get a Fuze 2 weeks ago, because of the great experience I got with the C200, and I like it very much also, still on OF.