Sansa Fuze won't start up.

I bought an 8 gig Sansa Fuze from a friend around christmas and it has been working fine up until now, whenever I try to connect it to any computer or turn it on I get a black screen with the logo in the middle of it. I’ve tried all manner of reseting the device (Holding the power button for up to a minute, switching to hold and holding the middle button while plugging into computer) but all I get is this same black screen pictured. Any help?

I should also add that when the device turns on the blue ring around the thumb wheel doesn’t turn on with it.

Open a Windows Explorer window on your computer, and plug in the Fuze.  See if it is recognized… if it is, you can try reinstalling the firmware. 

If the device does not show up, turn it off, then try connecting again while holding the center button depressed.  Let me know what happens.

The player may still be covered under warranty, you can try calling SanDisk Support at 1-866-SanDisk, and describe your issue.  They may be able to help you!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: