Sansa Fuze won't read on my Mac.

Hello, I have a brand new Sansa Fuze; just got it yesterday. I plugged it into my Mac and it wouldn’t read at all. I tried putting it on MSC and it still wouldn’t read. I have a PC also, so I plugged the Fuze into it and it read. I don’t really have a problem using the PC, but the Mac had a few more songs of mine on it, plus it’s much faster. I used to use Rhapsody, but it took forever downloading, and that’s when I changed to iTunes on the Mac to get music on my Sansa Clip. I thought if I used my Clip to transfer my songs from the Mac to the PC, I would be fine. Most of the songs transfered except for two. My PC says there’s an error synchronizing. I kept trying but the same thing kept happening (but the real problem is still with the Fuze and the Mac). I’ve read the forums and they didn’t help me. So, the Fuze is great on the PC, but I don’t want to use it. Someone please help me! Thanks!

 I’m told that Macintosh OS X is very much like Linux and other UNIX-like systems, so if you’re not afraid of a command line, plug in your Fuze and type the following in a command line:


abd post the last ten or so lines (especially the ones dealing with a new device being detected).

Then do the following from your command line:


then post the output here

I’m not familiar with OS X, so it’s entirely possible that these commands don’t exist, but if they do, then they can give us some info about whether or not it’s being detected. This is also assuming that you’re using OS X. If you’re using an older version, you need to be using at least OS 9 or later with the latest updates.

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