Sansa Fuze with Ford Sync


I am new to this form and I am trying to connect my Sansa Fuze to my new Ford that is equipted with Microsoft Sync.

 I have read the directions but no good. I have changed my Sansa settings to MTP for the USB. I connect it to my car and it says “connected”. but all I get is a black screen. I can not use any inputs on this unit, the screen remains black no matter what I select with either the thumb wheel or the center “button”. 

Does anyone know how to use this unit with a new Ford equipted with MS SYNC?

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Use MSC.

I tried that, it dones not work, not on mine anyway.

Have you seen this remarkably similar thread?

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These are only guesses, but…how did you put the music on the Sansa? MSC or MTP? Maybe Sync needs the music to be added in the same mode you’re using when you connect.

It’s also possible Sync is not so smart, like some other car audio interfaces, and you need to put the music in the root directory (the driveletter of the Sansa when you connect to your computer, like E:/Sansa E200) rather than subfolders. 

I would try

  1. transferring an album in MSC to the root directory.  

  2. switching to MTP and transferring an album via Windows Media Player 

If you find one of those works, then re-transfer your music in the mode that works. 

I didn’t try that yet, I’ll give it a try!!

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Oh ya, even the music that came with my MP3 player is not recognized by SYNC. I have been putting my music on by “dragging & dropping” from one folder to the other (I made seperate folders on my Fuze for each artist). I wonder if that is part of the problem?

Maybe it’s a Fuze thing? Sansa claim it works fine with Synch. You can use a plain old USB hard drive and it works fine. That’s the same as MSC mode and if you are dragging and dropping then there should be no issues?!?!?!