Sansa Fuze - White Screen - Working!

Some times ago my sansa fuze had white screen.
Now I installed rockbox and tried to do something.

And what I see: radio working! I turned it on with help from Sansa Fuze Simulator.
So my Sansa Fuze it’s not totally dead.

But, unfortunetly, I don’t see nothing, only white screen.

Some ideas what can I do? I have last Sansa Firmware and Rockbox 3.6.

That means that LCD is broken? or something else?

LCD broken. If it is still under warranty better call tech support for a possible RMA

unfortunetly, I bought it some time ago and it’s not on warranty.

Maybe it’s possible to get only LCD and change it?

SanDisk doesn’t sell parts, and nobody repairs these small electronics. Time to start saving for a new one.