Sansa Fuze+ - Weird Problem

I have had the Fuze+ for over two months now and i really liked it, but yesterday for some reason when i plugged it into my computer, it would connect but only for a second or two then it would turn off then after like another second or two it would try again, the same goes for trying to charge it with my USB wall charger and trying to turn it on without a USB connected, but what makes me even more confused is that if i try to plug it into my PS3 it will connect with absolutely no problems i mean like i can actually watch the videos with no problem and listen to my Music, i have tried to do the Hold the button down for 15 sec. to reset but that didn’t work , Idont know if anybody else has had this problem but i hope my Fuze+ hasn’t burn’t out. If you wondering i Use Windows 7, maybe that can help, also i have quite a bit of movies and music on it but i know that there is still some space on it and i dont know what update nor firmware is currently on it. I hope you can find a solution. Thnx.

hey guys my friend just found out how to fix my problem, as i said above i could only connect it to my PS3, so he connected it to it and then while it was connected he held down the start button for 20 seconds, then i connected it to computer and it connected, but now i have to go and Format it, hope this helps if anyone ever encounters the same problem!