Sansa Fuze video works perfect

I’ve had my Fuze for a couple weeks since I got it on my 50th birthday. Today I sent 6 video’s over. .mp4 .mp3 .mov with no problems whatsoever. I made these videos from my Sony digital video recorder. Works perfectly. Why are so many of you having problems doing this?

50 and loving the Fuze…


With forums, it can always seem like things are worse than they are because people don’t speak up when things are working. I’ve put a bunch of videos on my Fuze without problems (mostly TV shows & short videos).

Happy Birthday, BTW! I turned 50 on the 3rd. I’m still not sure whether to :smiley: or :cry: about that, though!

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Happy Birthday Guys!!

I have had some problems with converting videos.when I drag and drop my videos it doesnt transfer to my Fuze.

In the picture It shows I have one Song but I have like ten more.

I use to be able to click on sansa fuze then there would be video Channel and other things but thats not there anymore.

In your shot of the R4 client, the Fuze may be in MSC mode, although I usually see the identifier in capital letters.  Note that it has a drive letter assigned.

Did you transfer your previous songs in MTP mode? 


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It is currently in the MSC mode. Should I change it to the MTP or Auto Detect Mode?

Problem Solved Thanks Guys!!

Hey, I noticed that you said “…Works perfectly. Why are so many of you having problems doing this?..” I am having real trouble with it… I downloaded many converters like Any Video Converter which works for the converting part, but after its complete I have trouble. Perhaps you may help me. Thankss duude! :smiley:

I just use various products to convert to .AVI, if they’re not .AVI already - mostly stuff I got for free from Then I run those through SMC. Bam.

I haven’t converted videos with the new upgrade yet, I have a TON so I’m okay for now. :slight_smile:

I convert them to AVI using AVC and then use SMC.

I had just a little problem with some audio/video lag, but not much.  And it wasn’t a problem.  Even those with ipods had that problem.

I enjoy watching video on my Fuze.  I think it’s a great added feature.

My issue with video on the Fuze is the low frame rate, only 20 FPS. It makes for a very choppy and an unsmooth viewing experience (unless, I suppose, you’re watching low quality animation, say a TV episode of Family Guy or South Park). The other problem is the small screen, you can’t make out too much detail.

I’m sticking with my ASUS Pocket PC or Dingoo A320 for watching videos…even with their drawbacks, at least playback is smooth and I can see it. :wink:

Isn’t a dingoo an animal in Australia? :stuck_out_tongue: