sansa fuze video fast fowarding

Is there a technical limitation, or did I find a bug, or am I the only one with this issue?

Every video that I try to fast forward past about 3-5 minutes worth of content, always makes the fuze quit the video and go back to the video selection screen, only to have to restart the video from the beginning. For some reason if I fast foward 2 minutes at a time, watch 30 seconds of video, and repeat. I can usually get the video to fast forward to the 10 minutes that I needed it to, in the first place. But that’s annoying. Anyone run into this? Any fixes coming?

I also have this exact same problem with video…

v02.03.31P - video on class 6 sdhc card (transcend 8GB)…

Anyone else?

It appears around 3’17 after constant fast-forward it locks up.

As an aside, video playback is fine - just when I fast-forward.

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