When i plugged in my sansa fuze. My windows told me it need to format it to fat32. So when i did all it says on my screen is bootloader usb mode when plugged into a pc. When its not plugged in it says file not found. I tryed after exfat. And on my screen it would go white and say error so when i held the right arrow it would say fat corrupted plug into pc to. I converted back to fat32. How do i get back to my screen?

it is a black 8gb sansa fuze v2.

and when i pressed the right arrow when it was in exfat it took me back to original main screen but it said fat corrupted than turned aff and went back to a white screen

Are you, or were you using Rockbox?

Exfat is a different filesystem entirely.  No wonder you’re getting corrupted format errors.

The Fuze is made to work with Fat32.  There is a separate, usually hidden partition that holds the firmware, but who knows whether formatting to Exfat destroyed that.

In general, formatting a device that holds its own operating system  is shall we say not a good idea.

I’d suggest going to the firmware update thread and following the directions–download the All Regions link, unzip, connect in MSC and send the unzipped files to the SANSA FUZE driveletter . See if reloading the firmware can repair the mess you made.



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