sansa fuze squeaky wheel.

Hi, I just got my sansa fuze 8gb (black) and the wheel makes a light squeaking noise. knowing me, the slightest thing will bug me once I figure it out (like noticing the refreshes or bad colors on a cheap TV). So, my question is if it goes away after use. Did you have this when you first got yours? Should I return it?



I’ve had mine since early september, and it’s never squeaked :smiley:

thanks for the response, it also freezed 5 minutes after I opened it :-0  …I don’t think that a good sign, lol…I will probably return it.

Hey I would still love A FEW MORE POSTS if anyone could do that. just one or two more would be perfect. thanks

being that there’s only 7 members online, and perhaps not all Fuze owners…you may have to check back later :stuck_out_tongue:

o, haha, i didnt kno that, dnt kno how to check…as my thing sais, im a newbie :slight_smile:

I’ve had mine for 3 months now and I haven’t gotten any squeaking once. I think you should return it and get another one.

I’ve had mine since the Fuze came out and I don’t have any squeaky sounds from the wheel.  My parents also bought one 3 months ago when I was visiting them and they did not have any squacky sounds coming from the wheel.

So my guess is that you just have a bad Fuze.  Return it for another one and hopefully that one will be just fine.