Sansa Fuze - problems with special characters

I did some searching, and didn’t see any definite information on this problem, or a potential fix.  Maybe someone else will have some information, or can point me in the right direction.

I’ve noticed that various songs sometimes show up in the Fuze categorized as “unknown” for the artist.  At first, I thought the problem might have been related to the ripping program, so I checked using different ones, and also with using programs like MP3Tag to set the tags.

Turns out, the Sansa seems to be unable to deal with accented characters.  If I replace them with “normal” ones (i.e. replacing “é” with “e”) then the Sansa reads it fine.  Is this problem going to be fixed with a forthcoming firmware update?  Any more info, or anyone found a way to get the information to show up correctly?

Have you ever seen how the Sansa displays Antonin Dvorjak?  I have a collection of classical pieces, sourced from Rhapsody (for many of them I have the LP somewhere in the closet, but Rhapsody’s so convenient). As I scroll down the list, there are enough English characters that I can recognize what the intended listing is.

The names of some pieces are displayed with accent graves and circonflexes, looking like a bizarre mix of accent and l33t speak.  Obviously, the source CD used was run without correcting the character set in the ID3 tags, as they were most definitely pulled from the former Soviet bloc.

For your Fuze to be happy, use ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) characters, and the device should be happy.

I’ll have to look into the classical pieces with such bizarre ones- they do play and list fine with these accents- go figure.

I think Cyrillic and Greek characters look very cool on the device.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

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