Sansa Fuze, problem when I load music, "._" bad register

Hi all:

I have a problem, when I load music on my sansa fuze. I am using a Mac (I don’t know if it is the problem).

The issue is than when I load a song in my sansa, in the device appears two registers of the song:  one right and another that starts by “._”

The register that starts by “._” don’t work at all, and it is extremelly anoying since it is not read by the sansa player.

Anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thanks. in advance.

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Yes, its caused by Mac. On my Sansa and flash drive I have:

._. Trashes, .DS_Store and a .Trashes folder showing right after using it on a Mac.

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Just delete everything except the full-sized mp3 files. The separate MacOSX folder can go.