Sansa Fuze - poor sound quality when music transferred from Rhapsody

Hi I recently got a Sansa Fuze and have noticed that when I use Rhapsody to transfer music then it sounds as if it is very low quality when I play it via the Fuze. When I select device options within Rhapsody I see that it is transferring music at 128 kbps. When I select a higher bit rate to transfer music at and select ‘Ok’ I notice that it doesn’t fix the problem, and in fact when I open options again I see that it never changes the transfer rate from 128 kbps. When I add the same songs by simply dragging and dropping from My Computer then the sound quality is fine. I’d like to use Rhapsody because it makes it easier for me to find my music, any ideas as to how to fix my problem? Thanks.

Rhapsody streams are at 128kbps, for the PC.  Transfers are different, with subscription “To Go” tracks being 160kbps WMA, and purchased tracks usually at 256kbps MP3- also available DRM-free.

The preferences menu, in the Rhapsody 4 client, is a wee bit confusing.

To confirm the codec used, plus the bit rate resolution, simply open the track (start playback) on your Fuze.  Press the submenu  (bottom key), then rotate the scroll wheel, going to Track Info. Press the center button, and scroll down to see the codec, bit rate, and sample rate. 

This will let you confirm that the client settings are correct.  Let us know what you see!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: