Sansa fuze playlistings????

Hi just to ask before i buy a Sansa Fuze 8gb mp3, i know you can do a play list of your own music from selecting the music from different albums but can you make several playlist ie one for the gym then one for in the car & one just for everyday?  or is there only one playlist for so many songs on this mp3???  i know it had a really good review in the paper but i would rather buy this one if it does do that than buy an ipod?

Please help???

Simply stated, you can generate multiple playlists for the Sansa.  There’s even a portable “GoList”, a playlist you gan build while on the go, no computer required.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Big thanks i think thats going to be the one!!

CHeers xxx:wink:

Really sorry to bother you again but the above question was meant to say that can you create multipul playlist on the sansa & not on the computer first??? 


No, the interface on the Sansa is made for one playlist on the go.

For more than that, it’s best to do so at the computer anyway, as the listings can get complicated anyway, once you begin to deal with more.  From the computer, it’s a snap to build lists for your needs.

Navigating about on the device for multiple lists would begin to feel like manhandling a video game.  With the computer, it’s all on one screen.

Bob  :wink:

Well its still got my vote anyway, so big thanks for that. 

Jules xx:smiley: