My sansa fuze + is now being read by rhapsody as a sansa fuze p.  What’s the difference?  it will no longer download videos and it tells me that it is unable to be authorized.  So i can no longer download new songs or play the ones on there since the authorization is expired on it.   any ideas?

Notice that Rhapsody lists your Fuze+ as something all in CAPITAL letters as E:SANSA FUZE P or something similar?

This is because your Fuze is being addressed as a flash drive, it is communicating in MSC Mode.

Unplug your device, and go to Settings >System Settin gs > USB Mode and select MTP.  Plug in again, and your Fuze will show up in the sources pane of Rhapsody as Sansa Fuze+ , listed in Caps and Smalls.  The device needs to be recognized as a portable media device that can handle subscription media.  This is MTP, or Media Transfer Protocol mode.

Give this a try, and it should be back to normal.  If not, let me know, and we can repair the MTP system.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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