Sansa Fuze not working

My mother-in-law got a new computer, she went from XP to Vista and now her Sansa Fuze isn’t working… If I plug the Fuze into the computer it beeps like its acknowledging that something is plug in, but then it doesn’t do anything.  It doesn’t show up as a removable device and doesn’t charge.  I’ve installed/uninstalled the software the Sansa provided and still nothing.  I can’t figure it out. Can someone help me?

What I had forgot to do was load the rapshody software that come with the package.  Make sure she has the software.  Windows Vista should of recognize the sansa media player.  what you can do is

1.  click on start up and and programs this is a way to make sure that sansa is on your hard drive

  1. You should see scandisk listed, if it’s not listed unpluged your usb cable and repluge it to your harddrive.

  2. check again make sure its showing under programs

  3. load your raphsody software dont buy it just make sure click cancel when ask if you want to buy on your left hand side you should see a box with your sansa media player on it and list of what you want to do that (library or photos or playlist).

  4. drop and drag what music or photos you would like on there onto the sansa player and it should work fine.

JUst make sure you load the rapshody software that came with the package.

I have windows vista thats how I got it to work

Did you try setting the usb mode? Try setting it to MSC and see if that works.

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With the Fuze connected, go to the Device Manager and select uninstall.  Unplug the Fuze, then after a few seconds, plug in again.

Windows should reinstall the correct driver.

This may need to be repeated in MSC and MTP modes, depending upon which mode you prefer to use.