Sansa Fuze not recognized on Playstation 3

Title pretty much says it. I copied my whole library from my 8gb Fuze player and now it’s not even being recognized. I’ve heard that a bunch of random USB devices got locked out by Sony with the last firmware update? Is this true? And is there workaround so I can copy my music back to my MP3 player?

Have you tried changing the USB mode on the Fuze?

Settings/System Settings/USB mode. If it’s MTP, make it MSC or vice versa. Don’t use Auto Detect.

Yeah, I switched to both MTP and MSC(or MCS?). I tried all three actually.

Do you think this could have something to do with Rockbox(homebrew developed OS) recently being able to “jailbreak” a PS3?

Rockbox also makes Sansa Fuze firmware.

I know zero about Playstation firmware, but in general I am not a big fan of Sony’s software, having dealt with their SonicStage music library software, a total disaster.

Here’s a forum where Playstation is discussed. Maybe you can post a question there.