Sansa Fuze not compatible with Rhapsody/Windows 8.1?

I finally replaced my old XP laptop with a new one with WIn 8.1.  My two (2nd gen.)  Fuze (not +) devices charge OK, and show up in Rhapsody as being authorized and  do allow the transfer of subscription tracks. But once unplugged both devices think that the subscription tracks have expired.  Rhapsody has this message under Tools > Device Compatibility Report:

Device Compatibility Report for Sansa Fuze 8GB :
This PC reports it is running ‘Microsoft Windows Version 6.2’
Transfers of subscription tracks to devices is not supported with your version of Windows

Tracks that were imported from CDs play fine. Can anyone here shed some light on what is happening?  Is is reformat time for the devices?  Much thanks is advance.

Well, well, well. For all who might come across this thread with a similar problem in the future, I think I just solved my problem with help from the Rhapsody site’s troubleshooting tips.  It involves resetting the Sansa device’s secure clock, whatever that is:

  Asked to synchronize device

– Reset your device’s secure clock
        1.  Sign in to the Rhapsody software
        2.  Plug your MP3 player in to your computer
        3.  Hold down CTRL & SHIFT on your keyboard & right-click  the player’s icon
        4.  Click Reset Secure Clock

Is the usb mode on your Fuze set to MTP? Do you have Windows Media Player open before you connect the player and before you log into Rhapsody? Are you trying to copy Rhapsody files to a card in the player? It is likely that you might have to put the Rhapsody files in internal memory.

I have never used Windows 8 or Rhapsody, and don’t use protected files,  however I have a feeling these things might be necessary for it to work. Did you try doing some Google searches? Did you try contacting Rhapsody support? 

Thanks for your reply JK98.  You’ll see that I solved my issue. You’re right that MTP USB mode is necessary. Using a Sansa with Rhapsody is a whole 'nuther animal compared to WMP. I can’t live without a subscription service when on the go, and just wish someone else had one that works with a Fuze. As far as I can tell there isn’t, and so probably never will be.  I think that question will lead to another thread here. Thanks again.

Subscription services are good for those who like to sample new music, and keep listening to new things.

I like old music though, so I buy my music on CD.