sansa fuze no wall or pc charge

Thanks in advance.  New member, have read multiple forums over a year.  Fuze locks up connected to computer overnight.  Have experimented with lots of video formats.  Lots of failures, some successes (background only). And used video 4 fuze:(  Recently won’t be recognized on pc and wall/car charger shuts it off instantly.  On car charger 8 hours no charge.  Now battery low manual shutoff  message whenever unplugged.  Manual resets do not help.  Suggestions?



No answer. . . okay, then if I buy a new battery and install it correctly will this solve my problem or will the fuze still refuze to go into charge mode?   

Try to format the Fuze and install the latest firmware.

If it doesn’t help if I were you I would just return the Fuze back to the seller or to Sandisk íf it is still covered by warranty.  But I would suggest you to contact SanDisk technical support first and hear what they say…

As for buying a new battery for Fuze I don’t think it is a good idea, it looks like the Fuze battery is made specially for the player and is not for sale separately. Besides, if you open Fuze you invalidate your warranty.

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Charging is an interesting point: Does anyone know what type of rechargeable battery the Sansa Fuze has built in? As far as I know some of those battery types react ill when charged before they have been discharged (memory effect). It seems that the charging process starts whenever the Sansa Fuze is being connected to some USB, no matter whether PC, car or wall adapter. To be sure one can of course wait with the connection until the Fuze gives you the OK by displaying the low signal with the battery icon.