Sansa fuze no longer recognizes entire storage capacity and will not charge?

My 8gb sansa Fuze only recognizes about 400mb and will not hold anymore. It’s just over a year old and has always worked fine before. Neither my sansa fuze or clip will hold any sort of a charge anymore. The clip is about 2 years old. I recently bought a new computer and I’m running windows xp. Both sansas stopped working after I tried to charge them in my new pc. What could have caused this and how can I fix it? Thanks.

The fuze seems to have a charge now but still only recognizes 467mb. I tried to find some drivers or updates but there don’t seem to be any.

Success! I found a firmware update. Don’t know why the sansa updater couldn’t find it though. It is now being recognized as about 8gb but for some reason the screen is stuck on “Refreshing you media”.

You may have a file in there that the Sansa is choking on, holding up Refresh Media. If it stays stuck, hold up the power button and keep it up for an extra 20 seconds after the screen shuts off. 

Your update probably switched the USB mode to Auto Detect, which will make an MTP connection if it finds Windows 10 or 11 on your computer–but XP comes with WMP 9 unless you have updated it, which would send Auto Detect to MSC in the event that it is working correctly.

I suggest reloading the firmware, just in case. Look in the firmware upgrade instructions near the top of the first forum page to force it into MSC for the upgrade. 

Then choose a mode–MTP or MSC, whichever you are used to–rather than depending on Auto Detect. 

And if it stays stuck, while you’re in MSC mode run Error-Correction. Right-click on the drive, Properties, Tools, Error-checking. It might find a problem file.