Sansa Fuze / Linux

I just recently purchased a 4 gig Sansa Fuze. Very nice and similar to the earlier Sansa E250  2-gig unit that I also have which also still works. Both units have worked well for me with Linux  when it comes to using, playing and storing MP3 audio files. The only issue is using (them) to store and play videos. I installed Vista on my old system the other day and used the Sansa video converter software and stored some videos on the Fuze. They all work well as I expected, but I unfortunately I decided to  reformat my drives and restore Linux on my system. Too many computer freezes and lockups with Vista after updating all security issues, sp1, sp2 , cleaning the registry a dozen times, defragmenting the drives and defragmenting the registry files, creating restore points as I progressed with my installation. . . After a full day’s worth of work I have had it with Windows.  I think this was one of the reasons I tossed Windows out the Window.

Back to my issue with video and video conversion with the Fuze. Is there a solution for users of other operating systems going to be made available in the near future?   The biggest problem I have withWindows is that they are trying to keep ahead of the curve with hardware technology but are leaving the rest of us behind who can’t afford the latest and greatest computer hardware systems. I am still using a XP AMD single core processor. . . and  AMD is now going into production building 6-core 64/32 bit processors. Microsoft has it own motives for obsoleting its own software. Not everyone is motivated by greed and or money. 


I don’t see one coming any time soon for other types of operating system such as Linux. They do not advertise it as part of the minimum system requirements aside from the complexity of making a software for each type of operating systems out there.

If Vista doesn’t work for you, XP seems to hold and is pretty much stable compared to Vista if you ask me

Just my 2 cents. :wink:

@rich52 wrote:

 I installed Vista on my old system the other day …






OLD system??? vista needs AT LEAST 1gb of ram!!! Also the prossesor speed needs to be high. AT LEAST 2ghz. 


Vista was and is a dog…(and that is coming from an ex-MS employee)  But XP is pretty darn stable and you don’t need the latest and greatest hardware.  I’ve had absolutely no issues with my 4 sansas and XP.