Sansa Fuze Issue Possible Format

Hello I just wanted to double check before procedding I think I need to format my Fuze but wanted to tell you my symptoms and see if its possibly gonna die on me. I update the fimware 4-5 months ago 01.02.31A 2GB Sansa Fuze but going to check for newest here shortly.

Anyways it started with a few issues in order

  1. Fuze drained its battery within 6 hours (turned it off and it stuck on “goodbye” )

  2. A BSOD of some kind…turned off immediatly.

  3. Now I can’t see my music.

  4. Froze after unplugging from my PC (updated 200 tracks)

This happened over the past 3-4 months exact dates unknown.

Now let me clarify #3 

I can see my music and play it just fine on my Fuze but when I hook to my PC on either setting it shows my fuze is only 5.6mb in size vs the 1.5GB of music I have on it. Would a format fix this? I have owned the unit for a little over 1y or so even if it is taking a ■■■■ I got my money out of it as I listen to it 6-7 hours a day for work.

Windows 7 x64 and it has worked just fine till recently…wont work on XP or Vista either so the Fuze is at fault here.

Also I hear a unoffical rumor that non-sandisk SDHC cards will cut the battery life on the Fuze…any truth behind this? I haven’t used my 8GB SDHC card enough to validate the results (its over all faster then the fuze’s built in memory though)

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Don’t format. Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it. If it was MTP, make it MSC, or the other way around. Don’t use Auto Detect.

Your computer only sees one mode at a time. I’d guess that all your music was put on in the other mode, and somehow you switched.