Sansa Fuze is frozen

I have a 4GB Fuze that is frozen on the Sandisk Sansa screen. I have read some suggestions and have reset using 10, 15,30 and 50 sec increments.  This did not work.  I have connected to my computer using the hold>> and connect suggestions and this did not work either.  My computer no longer recognizes the Fuze. I have had it for 6 months and it worked fine until yesterday.  Can someone help a poor girl out???  Thanks…:smiley:

Message Edited by EllenM on 05-20-2009 09:21 AM

Someone else may suggest something useful, but if not, your solution will probably be to stick the Fuze in a drawer and let it discharge, then charge it back up.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try…

Nope…still frozen…rats.