Sansa Fuze is displaying inaccurate file size

I have a Sansa Fuze 4 GB red with firmware 01.02.26P. The file size displayed by the track info option is wrong, its rounding the value if the filesize is 4.3 MB its displaying 4 MB. This is applicable for all formats. Check out yours… Thanks

It might be cool if there was a “file details” screen that showed the real filesize in bytes, the encoding format (i.e. something like MP3/VBR 320k  or MP3/CBR 128k) and the ID3 tags the Fuze sees…  but I’m not exactly sure whether that would be of much actual use for the extra effort in the firmware. It might be handy for problems where a file ends up in the wrong genre’ or artist or album, but you can see all that on your PC.    However having said that it would be nice if there was an application that showed the exact ID3 tags the fuze sees since many people have problems getting the right data in the right place since there are several ID3 tag versions and many apps.

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Then for what purpose that option is displayed. If you’re not productive its okay…but do not waste the resources

My last player showed all that info. It was handy because I have some music I ripped at lower bit rates a long time ago. It was nice to se “o snap, I ripped that at 128?”. Then I could go back and re-rip it.

 an approximate size is OK, but maybe to 2 decimal places (5.34Mb instead of 5Mb).

I just now noticed that too… nowhere does it show the bitrate… most players show it durring playback

Strange they left that out since every player I’ve had (including other Sansas) has shown it somewhere.

Too see the bitrate and the codec used, you have to scroll down a bit…Check out

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Duh… my bad

dosent really matter…