Sansa Fuze goes to main screen but won't do anything else. Computer won't recognized it

I’ve had my FUZE a while now.  Haven’t used it in a little over a month.

Plugged it into my computer today and the computer would not recognize the device or the memory card in it.

unplugged it and it came up with one of the MP3’s stored on it, but would not allow me to play.

I turned it off manually, then turned it back on.  Said refreshing media, then went to the main menu that the control dial is used to navigate, but the dial does now move the icons as it usually should.

It seems that the internal clock is working because the clock on the main face is advancing.

Does it need a reset ?  Is there a way to do something without the use of the control dial ?

Please help.  Would hate to lose the songs that are in memory.

You can try blowing compressed air around the wheel to see if there is gunk to be removed. You could also Google something like :  Repair “sansa fuze wheel”  But if it’s too far gone…it’s gone.

It may still be possible to get the files off the unit. 

First, you can just put the memory card in a card reader. (Or a phone, camera, etc. that takes a microSD card). 

You should also try turning the unit on and connecting it without the memory card in it. Sometimes there’s a problem with the card or slot that prevents the unit from connecting.

Otherwise, this is how to force the MSC connection (basic USB connection). 

Turn the power off. Slide the power switch into Hold position. 

Open Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer) on your PC. Connect the Fuze connector to the unit.  Hold down the << side of the wheel.Connect the USB to the computer.

The unit should pop up in Windows Explorer as two drives. See if you can see your files on the SANSA FUZE: driveletter and copy them. 

If your files were sent over via Windows Media Player, that’s the MTP connection, different from MSC (and invisible via the MSC connection). Try opening WIndows Media Player before connecting.