Sansa Fuze from Hell

I have just purchased this gizmo, charged it, loaded few songs, etc… I decided to set up my radio stations and listen to one station. I turned off the device and now it won’t boot up past the little flower on the start up screen. i have tried th 10 to 20 seconds of holding the power switch and still no go. HELP!!!

There is something on the fuze thats keeping the fuze from loading. What I would do is to attach it to the pc and delete the things you added. Then unhook and try and reboot the player. See if it works. If it does then go through the files that you had added and check their Id3tags, and that they are a supported format.

Much appreciated. I will try this solution and report back. Thanks again.

From what the OP said, I really don’t think this will work. Unless my Fuze is a defect, it has to start up before it connects with a computer.

Maybe you should try taking back to the store?

Who invented this little @#$%&* anyway… now it is even doing stranger stuff. For instance, when I plug it in on the Sansa Screen it says connected, but the Computer keeps on saying plug in your device. I have tried both Real and MS media player both are no go. When Real says it sees the Sansa it cannot read its internal drive. What gives? Shoyuld I just mail the thing back?

i’m willing to bet that if you go under ‘my computer’ you will see the device listed under or next to your ‘c:’ drive… if this is so open it with the file manager and do what he said… delete the files…  where’d you get the songs from?  if they are bootleg copies…hmmm???

Try formatting the player and then upgrading to the latest firmware.