Sansa Fuze folder different from WP11 folder

I just added a CD I ripped.  On the WP11 folder, all the songs are in one folder, under the album art. 

While viewing songs from the Fuze, only 3 songs are under the artist/album folder and the remainder are located in a folder market unknown.

I’ve deleted and re-sunched two times now and the same thing happens.

Any ideas? 

What you need to do is correct the Id3Tags that are embedded in the song files. You can do this with either WMP or another program. I would suggest Mp3tag, its a free and easy software that many of us use.

If the music files are like new, (sometimes well known) then you should be able to get the images and such with a internet connection, where Windows Media Player 11 can get the info about the music. If the music was downloaded from Limewire, or any other then Windows Media Player 11 will have problems getting info for it, and it will not work propertly. Limewire in my opion is bad, but if the files are from a CD, then you should definently try Mp3tag.