Sansa Fuze Firmware Update

i say give them another 6 months, you know, for “quality assurance checking” bah!!!

Gotta love San Disks’ definition of “very soon.”

I have this firmware running on one of my units with no issues so far… I do run Mpgs music files and audio books and all my units are V1’s… I think I remembe one of you saying after the up date  some skipping was heard in some file formats.  Any other issues known with V1’s and the latest firmware? The unit I loaded it in is not my main unit “we have 3 units”  and it don’t see much use, it is a 8gb unit if it makes a difference…  I think that the last firmware v01.02.26 played music just about perfectly and the sound was fantastic…  George


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  Just wanted to know if there is anything to the new firmware I see Sandisk has posted… I have 3 units all V1 versions all running 01.02.26A now and see that 01.02.28 firmware is now out. Is it worth installing? Thanks George

the newist firmware works better for me on my v2, i dont use replaygain so that bug isnt an issue for me. 

would be nice if they would get that fixed tho.

that and make the **bleep** thing refresh media faster, if that means better tag support then thats what they should do, hell if it means changing how media is handled to be more like rockbox, then they should do that…

oh and if they could make it so the screen would turn off when the unit is locked, would save alot of batt life for me not having screen come on when units locked and in my pocket :) 

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i say give them another 6 months, you know, for “quality assurance checking” bah!!!

Maybe they are just trying to prevent more strange bugs from appearing.  Or, maybe they have some new surprises waiting for us.:wink:

I would take a forums avalable firmware beta (with normal beta warrnings) over waiting 6 more months for a new firmware :slight_smile:

My main hope is that they either ad an option to let us choose to have the screen disabled when the players locked, or they disable it when players locked for us, it would save batt when im carrying my fuze in my pocket with it locked (and in use)

Unfortunately none of the important staff at SanDisk reads these posts… they simply don’t care…

This forum is here so we can feel better about having a place to moan and complain…

On the off chance that SOMEBODY here can help you with your problems, it is good that this forum exists… but don’t expect SanDisk to ever hear your pleas… (unless you adress them via email, assuming you can find valid email addresses for the top brass… and then we would all have to start a mass email campaign asking for access to the Beta firmware (realizing we would be taking a big risk with little tested software))

I downgraded my firmware weeks ago and may just leave it as is, even if newer firmware comes out…  unless Rockbox is finally ported to the V2 Fuzes…

I can say this… When my Fuze dies, I WILL NOT be replacing it with another SanDisk product!

To release broken firmware to the public shows how much they care… 

I will, however, still purchase SanDisk memory products… at least that is one product they do manage to release working 100%.  I have yet to buy a SanDisk SD or Thumbdrive that has any flaws. :slight_smile:

RE: backlight remaining extinguished while in lock…  I agree!!! Allowing the backlight to come on while no other function is accessable is moronic… Lock is to LOCK the unit, untill the USER selects to unlock it… 

OK, sure, some users MAY want to check what song is playing…  If they don’t know what is playing, where did they get their files?  Warez?  Come on…   The backlight is a waste in locked mode.

If some miraculous new firmware comes out with replay gain fixed, the ability to remove the SlotRadio icon from the main interface, and crossfading/gapless (whichever you prefer to call it), I might consider trying it… But I would be willing to bet one or two of those requirements won’t be met, and possibly all 3.

I don’t have any hopes anymore, regarding my Fuze… I hardly use it anymore… my cell phone has a better interface, and replay gain, and only lacks the same level of storage… but at least it doesn’t take forever to put all my tracks in a database…  and it even has better random playback… (much better than the Fuze V2, which is the only model I own from SanDisk)

Songs don’t EVER repeat 3+ times before making it through the ENTIRE list of MP3’s in a playlist. (So far they don’t repeat at all in random mode, not till the entire list has played through, then it is able to rerandomize and run through again)

I am glad I bought a stereo bluetooth headset…  (I’d rather have earbuds, but that’s the price you pay for random playback I guess)

I’d plug my Fuze’s headphones in, but the phone’s headset jack is the next size down… and not worth an adaptor… BT it is…

See, now I feel better about my Fuze already…

I save it for when I am driving, set it to random, and try to not get pissed off when it repeats the EXACT same track back to back… is it really that difficult to isure that it loads any other file except the last one it was playing?  I think not… 

I don’t care if it isn’t true random… I just don’t want to hear the same song repeated for at least 20 minutes… and that REALLY isn’t too much to expect… an Ipod would grant me that kind of relaxation…

It’s unfortunate I don’t have an interface for my phone to my truck’s stereo…  then I could ebay the Fuze and get on with a stress free life.

I listen to music to relax… not to be annoyed…

If I listen to the radio I don’t have to expect to change the station because some jock decides to play the same song 2x in a row… or even seperated by a short duration (under an hour) unless it is a new and very popular song.

Even if I set the stars in the Fuze, when set to random it ignores the star rating, apparently… why does it even have ratings?

So I just don’t bother setting them now…

What a wasted feature.

I’m feeling even better now… but won’t be completely satisfied until the SanDisk team does a “bugfix,” “feature freeze” firmware update…

They need to fix EVERYTHING that is broken, and not worry about new features till they make the current ones work properly.

Too bad I can’t expect a Sansa Engineer/Programmer to read this…

But even then, I am sure their hands are tied…  trying to make new models before their old models work 100%… 

Yes it plays music… (And that is a plus for a DAP) but I would not brag about the unit to an Ipod, Zen, or Cowon user… they’d just laugh, and rightly so.

On the odd chance that SanDisk programmers do manage to release their firmware openly as Beta, I might try that… assuming it was tested in house enough to know it wasn’t going to brick my player…

Maybe they should ask Rockbox to allow them to distribute the Fuze emulator for testing purposes?

Good luck everyone,


(PS: I have not been on in a long while because my HDD started failing in my computer… all fixed now… it wasn’t even difficult to use BETA software to clone my drive, BETA software to expand partitions, and everything worked flawlessly)

Actually there were a few at SanDisk that did not only read the post’s here but took the time to reply and help us all out… I just want to set the record straight! There are may good apples at sanDisk!  If you take some time and read the forums you would see that!! George 

That’s the point George-W… I have read…[edit2] (the last few pages since november when I bought my Fuze V2) [/edit2]  and I haven’t seen any newer threads with posts from any of the staff that matters… like they lost interrest.

It’s sad… I mean, an hour a day  ( [edit] or a week [/edit] )  to come in and see what bugs people… and they could have a stellar product… Even just one of their programmers…

I don’t recall any new posts since I signed up several months ago… but PLEASE correct me if I am wrong. (Maybe I missed something in a thread that wasn’t important to me and most other users?)

I am being liberal with teh term “most” in this case… but to release such an obvius bug as the replay gain bug isnot a good sign.

If there was a bug in replay gain on an Ipod it would be fixed within days, or weeks at the worst… 

I am pretty sure there are less employees working for Apple than for SanDisk… so this says something in and of itself.

(Not that they didn’t recently have a big snafu over their flickering backlights… but myself I think that was defective backlight drivers (electronic drivign circuits, not software) though they tried to correct it with software (which would save them tremendously over a recall))

I would also wonder about their job positions if nothing fruitful came of the reading and replyin… other than lip service…

Forgive me if my post reads bitter (text really is emotionless,) but I am disappointed in a product that is released with so many flaws.  It’s not like my 5 year old DAP that I bought at WalMart for $30… you know, the one that plays randomly without repeating the same tracks back to back… or even within several songs of each other?  It’s never needed a firmware update…

It still works to this date… it just lacks a significant amount of memory and a way to charge and use at the same time…

I had hoped the Fuze V2 would work “as advertised”… but sadly it does not.

If you happen to know of a recent post by one of the real programmers of this device, I’d LOVE to know about it.

By recent I mean in the last 4 months or so… to be inline with SanDisk’s idea of “soon” or “recent”  :slight_smile:

Thanks for your post.

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Food for thought?  The forums are far from being ignored, I can assure you.  Simply have a look at all of the new features in the current Fuze firmware, compared against its original release.

The OGG and FLAC capabilities were added, podcast and audiobook enhancements, SlotRadio, plus functionality improvements like progressive song list speed and wrap-around list scrolling.  Oh, and even the add-album function in the GoList comes to mind.

All of these were discussed right here before being added to the Sansa, and that’s just the Fuze I am thinking about.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I see folks like microsansa and sansafix still posting in this parts, so am not worried on that score. But the Fuze has been around for 2yrs going on 3, and is highly overdue for a refresh or replacement (although Sandisk didn’t show any MP3 stuff for CES 2010). My SWAG is that we’d see only one or maybe two firmware upgrades before it goes into maintenance mode.

Sansa Fuze Firmware 01.02.28 and 02.02.28 how to install to my sansa because this new version i dont like how to tur back the old verzion

@haris wrote:

Sansa Fuze Firmware 01.02.28 and 02.02.28 how to install to my sansa because this new version i dont like how to tur back the old verzion

Are you kidding me? :dizzy_face:

So near and yet so far! See the 1st post in this thread.


I want to reinstall 02.03.33 on my Fuze.

My Fuze locks up and will not recognize my slotradio card now. Is there a link to download the firmware I need?


Go to the first post in this thread. Find the All Regions link for the 2.x firmware. Right-click on it and Copy LInk or whatever your browser does. You’ll see the firmware number in the link. CHANGE THAT NUMBER to the version you want. Click and download.

That will be a .zip file. Follow the instructions for manual installation, also in the first post in this thread.


I reinstalled the firmware and the player still freezes with the slot radio card. So now I can assume that the card is defective and should be returned to the store?

Thanks for your help.


Sounds like something is defective. Have you tried a regular microSD card in that slot?

I think you are right I spoke too soon. I tried another SD card in the Fuze and it froze up as well. Luckily I was dumb enough to purchase an extended warranty from radioshack. I’m going to try to return the device this week.


I know this makes no logical sense, but take out any microSD, make sure all of your own content is backed up somewhere, and run Settings/System Settings/Format. 

Two or three times in the last 2 1/2 years, I had the microSD slot crash my Fuze, and formatting fixed it.

You’ll have to reload whatever content you had on the internal memory, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the content itself. Just some weird deep bug somewhere.