Sansa Fuze Firmware Update 01.02.26 & 02.02.26

Thanks for the update SanDisk. It is refreshing to see a company support an existing product.

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anyone catch that the white bar goes away when your listening to music? I don’t know what I did but it dissapeared for a while, I changed the volume and it came back.

This happened to me once. As I was adjusting volume the white backgound that surrounds the volume indicator bar disappeared, then reappeared.  It went back and forth several times (disappear/reappear) at that occurrance while scrolling the volume.  Has not occurred since. (V1.02.26A)

Want to report a problem that has occurred twice. While listening to music files (all mp3) and browsing through the main menu System Settings options the player would not return me to the ‘now playing’ screen.  Even after allowing the screen to go dark (set for 15 seconds) and waiting another 15 or so seconds, reactivating the screen either by scroll wheel or button returned me to the Settings menu where I left. Transition from end of one song to the next song did not change problem (play all + shuffle). Obviously, the immediate issue when this occurs is you can’t adjust the volume. A few caveats:

* This does not always occur. Indeed, I tried replicating the problem just prior to posting this and could not make it occur.

* I don’t recall exactly what menu screens I was on when this did occur. Nor do I recall whether I made any setting changes.

* The first time this occurred I finally went to the Music menu and re-selected “Play All,” which took me to ‘now playing’ (a new tune of course); The second time I went to the Music menu, selected an option (I think ‘view file info’) and waited for a successful return to ‘now playing.’ 

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the firmware update! I appreciate your efforts, especially because all the manufacturers I had before did just a few cosmetical firmware updates, if they did at all.

I will now find out how to make vorbisgain scan my entire music collection. I was often annoyed about the different volumes when hearing different albums, but I wasn’t aware that there is a solution existing. What a surprise!

BTW: Is it just my imagination, or are there some more color gradients? For example, I never noticed a gradient behind the volume bar or the menu list.

First off I wanted to say thanks to Sandisk for the update. It’s nice to see the product supported and since I bought the device the feature list has grown and I cant say that about many devices I have bought in the past.

The track info is a step in the right direction, but if I could make a wish list it would look like this (in this order)

  1. Gapless playback. It doesnt matter if it only works for LAME MP3’s (like Rockbox) as all my MP3’s are ripped using LAME.

  2. Artist List to be filtered by Album Artist/Band. I have a lot of compilation albums and I find all the different artists clutter the list. 

  3. Track info should be one of the visualisations (prefereably can be set as default view) and should show tag fields the the user selects / reorders.

Maybe I should start a wishlist thread? anyhow thanks for the update and looking forward to the next one :wink: three months time at a guess? 

Thank you all for the update. One question: do I have to fear that all my songs etc. are deleted while updating the firmware?


@rrebi wrote:

Thank you all for the update. One question: do I have to fear that all my songs etc. are deleted while updating the firmware?


No files are deleted while upgrading.

If you however want to use the ‘large database’ (8000 entries) you are going to have to format the device (after making a backup of its contents). 

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Not sure if this was discussed before earlier in another thread but didn’t someone say that the firmware would do away with sansa media converter?

That was speculation based on some comments from Sansafix about not needing rockbox. It was never mentioned or confirmed only just guesses.

Sure it was mentioned, but never with a specific “fix date”. But at least sansafix confirmed that this is being worked on. See here:

First of all - Thank you sandisk for a great update.

I hope this wasn’t brought up before, it’s hard to keep track of this whole thread, but in ‘folder nav’ mode, you can’t add folders/tracks to the go list… seems wrong to me :slight_smile:

(and I’m still waiting for the auto golist refresh thing! only then I’ll be able to say there’s no need for rockbox.)

I’d suggest to rename the new downloadable firmware zip file from fuze01. to fuze01. in order to avoid any confusion.

Anyway, this firmware update is just great! For me, folder navigation and track info are really valuable enhancements. Thanks, folks!

I noticed in the release notes that “ID3 tags version 3.2.4 is now supported”.

I’m assuming the author meant ID3 version 2.4 (typo?).

More importantly, does this mean we can change our MP3Tag options to “ID3 v2.4 UTF-8” without problems?

Folder navigating, a very nice feature!:smiley:

Thanks for update!  It seems to have solved my two major issues with the player: resuming large mp3 files sometimes fails, and an inability to play very large files.  I listen to a lot of audiobooks and like to manage them as one (very) large mp3 file.

I just tried a 1GB audio book - 45 hours long.  I seeked out to 41 hours and change and made the player resume a few dozen times.  Worked perfectly!

Thanks!  This is GREAT!


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If you however want to use the ‘large database’ (8000 entries) you are going to have to format the device (after making a backup of its contents). 

 I am not shure if I understood entry #73 of this thread the same way as you did. And which one of us is right :wink:

 As I understand MTP there is a database behind this protocol which stores the multimedia content in a large (database) file on the Fuze. This database is changed to make 8000 songs storable. The older versions where only able to store 4000 songs and the new firmware is compatible to this database. But if you do not switch to the newer database format you’re stuck with the maximum of 4000 songs. If you want to use the maximum of 8000 songs you have to reinitialise the Fuze to make it using the newer database format.

But (!) if anyone uses MSC this should be no point. The Fuze should be able to play up to 8000 songs without any reformatting because it rewrites the database for this mode any time you change the songlist - and this database only stores a list of songs stored in the file system of the Fuze and where they start on the medium. This database is a completley other database than the MTP database.

This is just how _I_ understand it.

Ciao banty

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well, I still got 01.01.15, could find release notes only for 01.01.22 and current 0.2.26 - have there been any other releases in between?

just would like to know if there were even more things changed - regards 

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Time to get one of those rare 32GB microSD cards now so that I can more or less move my whole media collection over…

Don’t dig out that credit card just yet. 32GB micro-SDHC cards are not available. 16GB is the largest.

Officially not, but there are samples out by the manufacturers for the deleopers already. So if you now some guys in the business you can well get one by now (just don’t believe in the 32GB card on ebay…)

Thank you Sansa. The deciding factor in me getting this player was the fact that you support them so well and actually listen to your customers.

I would also like to add how wonderfully simple this update was to install. I normally HATE those little bubbles that popup by the clock in MS Windows… but when I plugged in my Fuze today and saw a little bubble popup and say “There’s a new update for your Fuze! Click here!” I was very excited! hahaha 2 Clicks and it was updated. Nice!

Thanks particularly for TRACK INFO.

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I just want to let you know that the screen turns itself off automatically at a period of time.  It won’t affect screenlife, and will help you avoid burn-in. 

I have noticed that with the Folder Navigation, with long album names for the folders, they appear with a string of numbers before them for example,

The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian Soundtrack


A Child’s Celebration of Rock ‘n’ Roll 

Sweet, thanks for the f/w update :smiley: