sansa fuze ebooks reader

Hi, I’m new here and have just bought my new Sansa.

I’m a bit dissapointed because there is no ebook/pdf reader on it.

Is there any way to install some txt reader ?

If there is allready such thread I apologise for starting a second one.

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Yup, we had a thread on that subject only recently. Here it is.


I have read it : ) 

I can read text on my Sansa with Ignacio Javier’s  rendertext.

It converts TXT to JPG images in seconds.


  1. download  rendertext , unzip 

  2. download convert.bat file, unzip it & move to rendertext folder:  

  3. rename your text file book.txt , move to rendertext folder

  4. start  convert.bat. You should now see a / book folder. Copy this to your Sansa  images folder and your good to go

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