Sansa Fuze died, won't power up

I was listening to my fuze then it turned off, I knew the battery was low so i figured that was the problem.  I plugged it in to charge and nothing. . . . didn’t show it was connected, charging nothing…

Please Help

press and hold the power switch up for 20 seconds.  then release and press it up again.

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My Fuse+ is just a few months old, and today it seemed to just DIE! I found this post, and PRESTO! It worked for me and is revived again.

  1. What causes it to simulate dying? …
  2. Is pressing and holding for 20 seconds a ‘reset’ type procedure, like most routers or modems?
  3. Perhaps the previous 2 units I had that ‘died’ within a month of purchase really just went into this simulated death?

Kudos Guru!, …but please respond.



Yes, the 20 second hold is a reset. If you have your headphones plugged in you’ll hear a little click some seconds after it goes dark.


It can happen if you disconnect the USB from the computer rather than the connector from the Fuze.

It can also happen if you don’t Safely Remove Hardware and disconnect while the Fuze is still talking to your computer, or if it’s disconnected when something hasn’t finished transferring, or if there’s a file the Fuze can’t quite handle.

Or the Fuze could just be having a diva moment.  That’s why there’s the reset.

And yes, I suspect the other two were the same. But I hope you got a warranty replacement.