Sansa Fuze - Device will not start error 10

I know this is all over the forums and believe me, after trying Sandisk’s support I’ve scoured the entire internet and put into use every remedy available.

Here’s the deal. I have a brand new Sansa Fuze 4GB. After taking it from the packaging, I plug it into my desktop (Windows XP, SP2) computer and I get the “USB Device Not Recognized” message. I have tried every single USB port, including a self-powered USB hub.

I am the administrator on this computer and I have added myself as a “Net localgroup Administrators local service” - whatever the hell that means.

I have installed and reinstalled WMP 11 and the MTP porting kit. I have tried all fixes in MSC mode. I have tried all fixes on three separate computers, all running the same operating system - one was a laptop.

I have contacted SanDisk’s helpdesk and while their fixes were more in-depth than I’ve found on the internet, the results have not changed.

So, if anyone can help me. I don’t understand why this device is so full of bugs. I don’t understand why it can’t just work right out of the box as advertised. This is actually a Christmas gift for a friend, so the clock is ticking. I wanted to have this thing configured before unleashing it upon her. I’m sure whatever fixes get it up and running will have to be echoed on her computer!

Brand new? Take it back. You probably have a lemon. Or have SanDisk replace it.\

Edit: You might also have a bad cord. But what the heck, replace the whole unit anyway. 

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It was the cable. A new usb cord did the trick. Thanks for the suggestion!