Sansa Fuze + Corrupting Files

I keep having the same issue with my Sansa Fuze +.  I will download all my music into the mp3 player, and after charging it 5-10 times, it will out of nowhere corrupt all of my music files and playlists.  The only solution I have at that point is to re-format the SanDisk 32gb MicroSD card and reconnect my Sansa Fuze + to Rhapsody and re-install everything.  I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to charge up my Fuze + for fear that I will have to re-format and re-install all of my music. 

I don’t know if I am running the latest firmware.  I have Windows 8 on my computers and when I download the firmware, I get a message stating that the firmware updater isn’t compatible with my operating system.  Also, I’m not doing anything on my computers that involves the USB ports or the Sansa Fuze +, so it isn’t a program in my system or something of that nature that is corrupting my files.  I’m just tired of turning on my mp3 player and it scrolling through the music with the message “corrupt file” appearing before it moves onto the next file and does it again.  I’m also irritated that the playlists will appear as “Unknown” when all the files become corrupt.  Is anyone else having this issue, and is there a resolution for someone with a Windows 8 Operating System?

A few sugjestions:

First off, forget the updator, there haven’t been any updates for this device for years. If you want to update (or reinstall) your firmware, go to the Sansa Fuze+ Firmware thread at the top of this forum. You will then find instructions for a “manual update” method which can be used without the updator (it’s as easy as unzipping a file).

Second off, have you tried using Check Disk? Turn your unit off (if you have not done so), and plug it in holding the volume up button. You should see two new drives in My Computer. One of these drives, the one labled "FuzeP’ (or something like that) is the internal memory, the other is the card. Right click on whatever drive is giving you problems (from your post, it sounds like it’s your card), and select properties. Click “Tools”, and select “Check”. From there, obviously the only thing left to click is “Scan Drive”. It might take several minutes for this to finish. After which, I would delete all of the files in the root directory with the .dat extension to avoid confusing the Fuze+ (it uses these files to play all music/videos, and any changes will not be “noticed”, meaning when you play these files, the device will crash once again). When you disconnect, the Fuze+ will automatically rebuild these files from scratch.

If all of this fails, reformatting might be your only option.