Sansa Fuze charging problem

I have found a new problem when trying to charge my Sansa Fuze. I connect it to my Mac, and it has worked fine for a long time. However, here is something new.

  1. Connect the USB cable and charge the device.

  2. If I don’t connect it after about 3 hours but instead leave it and come back later, I see that the screen is solid white.

  3. If the screen has been solid white, when I disconnect the device, it is nearly discharged, with the battery indicator showing it nearly empty.

Please note: if I disconnect after the device first becomes fully charged, everything is fine and there is a full charge. But if I leave it say overnight, it has burned through all of its charge as though it has gone into “full white screen to discharge the battery” mode.

The workaround is to promptly disconnect after about 3 hours. But is there some other solution?

You are using a Fuze cable and not an iPod cable, right?