Sansa Fuze big problems

Got a new Fuze but every now and then it used to hand at startup - about 1 in 5 times - went into Knowledge Base and loaded new OS and now it hangs on opening screen 9 out of 10 times. Then when it finally gets in and I select an album to play it cycles through the tracks continuously with only a reset to stop it - then of course it will only boot 1 in 10 times!! I have formatted the system and reloaded the latest OS three times. I have the boot problem whether or not there is any music on the system - help! - I am beginning to think that I should have bought an IPod - and I hate Steve Jobs - anybody got any solution

Just bought it? Sounds busted. Exchange it for another. Don’t even screw around with it. Save yourself the frustration.

You think iPods don’t break? lol

Are you using an external card?  If you are, try taking it out and using the Fuze without it.  It might be an issue with the card.

If not, then you’ve pretty much tried everything I can think of.  As Peregrine said above, return it for a new one.  There’s a reason why it has a 1 year warranty so use it if there is an issue with your player.  Get a new one, and with some luck you’ll have one that works fine.