Sansa Fuze bh0811bjkk-4GB not starting nor charging


I bought a Sansa Fuze bh0811bjkk-4GB about…1-2 years ago and recently it just won’t charge nor start up. I’ve gone through numerous forums and tried various suggested solutions but have had no luck. So I am wondering if anyone has encountered the same situation and have had any results.Im assuming that the battery life has worn itself out, but oddly it wont even turn on with the charger plugged in neither does a blue light shine normally the way it used to when i had it plugged in. 

Thank you

Have you tried resetting it?

Have you tried a different cable?

Just FYI, you don’t need to type the “bh0811bjkk” part unless your talking directly to the SanDisk support team. On here, just Fuze will do. If you know whether you have a V1 Fuze or V2 Fuze, you can post that, as well.