Sansa Fuze attached to my docking station


I initially had a iPod touch and hated it. (Due to the amount of processes running in the background kills the battery time more so than if I was just listening to mp3s.)

So I just purchased a Sansa Fuze for a realitively good price off an online merchant and I’m expecting it soon.

My question is…

I have an iPod dock that also is a radio and it has the basic iPod and radio setting but also has a AUX cable output.

I was wondering if I made a playlist on the Sansa fuze and attached the Sansa Fuze to the iPod dock through the AUX port and kept the playlist on the shuffle setting overnight and when the alarm turns on the time I set for it, would I here the songs through the playlist since technically the speakers would be then turned on?

I’d just leave the sansa fuze on the wall charger I also purchased.

I think it would work, what do you think?

Sounds like your arrangement should work just fine, as long as you remember to never plug a Sansa into a 30-pin port configured for the Apple iPod , since this will damage your device.  Plugging in to the AUX jack will work well.  You can experiment with the volume setting on the Fuze, finding a level that works well with the station.

Be sure to turn the volume down on the Fuze before plugging in your headphones.


Thank you very much for your help. :slight_smile: